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Sleep Well – Tvilling voksensengen

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Get a better and more secure sleep with the Crown-Bubble Sleep Well

  • Highest quality – Material in Class 1 which is used for children under 3 years
  • Used from approx. 6 months to 3 years
  • Increased quality sleep for everyone
  • Security for everyone
  • Danish entrepreneurship
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Breathable material
  • Choose a harness that does not contain PVC, phthalates and nickel-free carabiners
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Sleep Well in the color BLACK/Beige with TWO HARNESSES for twins

Increase the quality of your shared sleep with a Crown-Bubble Sleep Well. Co-sleeping has never felt better, and you avoid your child falling out of bed. The child will not feel restrained, but will get the same feeling as, for example, a ball cushion. A secure feeling that comfortably holds your child in his place in bed and gives peace of mind. Your child still has full mobility, and can turn from side to side and use their arms and legs freely. The child can sit up.

When you cuddle, putting on the vest is simply part of the cuddle ritual. Everything else is as it usually is. You can read books that can be fooled, laughed at and cuddled. This means increased security.

You therefore give your child a sense of security, which comfortably keeps your child in his place in bed and gives peace of mind. Your child still has full mobility, and can turn from side to side and use their arms and legs freely. The child can even sit up.

If the child wakes up, e.g. from his nap, the child can wake up quietly. You can hear the child through the baby monitor, but give yourself time and space to finish the small things in the home, while you know with peace of mind that your child is not on his way out of bed and, for example, on his way to a flight of stairs .

At the same time, there is nothing better for a child than to lie down and listen to mum and dad tinkering around the house – it provides security in the little hearts and at the same time an opportunity for the child to wake up quietly. You get peace of mind, energy and mental security, which provides a better everyday life for both of you.

You and your possible partner will feel a better sleep. It eliminates having to move the child several times at night as well as getting a foot hard in the side, so you will be disturbed less at night. Most parents also report that their child gets better and more even sleep as a result of the Crown-Bubble Sleep Well.

The harness is easily mounted  around your bed, and covers all beds where co-sleeping makes sense – i.e. up to 210 cm bed width.

Unique to the Twin Edition is that there are two vests. The distribution in the bed will be such that the children cannot disturb each other, and with plenty of space for a parent next to them, as well as a parent between the children. If you have completely unique needs or requirements for a solution, we produce Sleep Well ourselves in Zealand. So we can be accommodating according to special needs – contact us for an offer.

Made in Denmark! Our production is located in our sewing room in Haslev on Zealand. So we are Danish design and Danish production! You can read more about our production.

The package contains:

  • Crown-Bubble Sleep Well Twin Edition
  • Colour: Black or Beige
  • Instructions for use

Washing instructions

  • 30 degree wash
  • Must air dry (no tumble dryer)
  • We recommend using a laundry bag
  • We recommend Neutral detergent or similar. perfume-free detergent

Watch our demonstration video here

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